Long-stay community resorts

Enjoy an extended time out in luxury


Imagine waking up in your wonderful, well-equipped villa on the island of Koh Samui. You drink your coffee under a gently swaying coconut palm, watch the ocean just a few steps away, and contemplate the day ahead. First things first, look after the body and mind and participate in one of our many wellness activities offered every morning at all our resorts. If you need to catch up with work or speak to family back home, there’s plenty of time in the late afternoon. In between, do whatever your soul or mind desires.


This could be your life. Read on to see how.

Community resorts

Anannda provides a tranquil environment to build a community and enrich and nurture your soul. We believe in the regenerative properties of being with others, sharing, and contributing to the happiness of those around us. We offer a life rich in content and activities, including the opportunity to give back to the local community by volunteering. All this in a superb, pampering resort.

Amazing locations

Thailand is “the Land of Smiles” and the Thai people know how to look after their guests. From white sandy beaches to historic temples and mouth-watering food, there’s so much on offer in this tropical paradise. Our beach-front properties are located on the island of Koh Samui and provide an unforgettable long-stay retreat in luxurious comfort.

Live in paradise. Work remotely.

Come live with us and continue working seamlessly. In today’s world, all you really need is your smartphone, laptop, and a good quality, high-bandwidth internet connection. We guarantee the infrastructure, the rest is up to you.

Our Resorts

We have four resorts to choose from. Two of the more luxurious properties on the island are top-quality boutique resorts under our management. We also manage self-contained wings of another two resorts. All offer luxurious accommodation roomy enough for an extended stay. The food is excellent and is prepared à la carte by our chefs and tailored to your specific tastes or needs.

Our Proposal

Come and stay for as long as you like (minimum 3 months). The cost is monthly per couple for double occupancy and includes accommodation, food & drink, and a wide range of activities.
The cost depends on the length of stay and accommodation (for example, room, suite, or villa). The longer the stay, the lower the monthly membership fee.

Ultra-All Inclusive Membership

  • Outstanding locations worldwide
  • Great neighbors like yourself
  • Content and activities are covered
Choose from:

1 Month Membership

All-inclusive community package

from£3,500per couple | per month
from£2,600per single | per month

3 Months Membership

All-inclusive community package

from£3,250per couple | per month
from£2,450per single | per month

6 Months Membership

All-inclusive community package

from£3,000per couple | per month
from£2,250per single | per month

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